Nikola Galetin, Milan Cvetković, Darijan Ujsasi, Nebojša Čokorilo, Slobodan Andrašić, Marko Lazarević

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A survey has been conducted on a sample of 61 female volleyball players of the women’s volleyball club (WVC) “Novi Sad” (N=33) and WVC “NS Tim” (N=28) from Novi Sad (AGE=13.74±0.73SD, BH=171.12 ±4.33 BM= 48.72 ±6.54SD, years of experience 3.2±1.39 SD). The objective of the survey was to determine the effect of static stretching on the vertical jump among female volleyball players. Explosive leg strength was examined on the entire sample of female participants via a tensiometric platform “Probotics” 8602 Esslinger Court Huntsville Al 25802. This ability was assessed after 30, 60 and 90s of static stretching and use of standard volleyball warm-up exercises. The survey results indicate that static stretching with a duration of 30, 60 and 90s statistically significantly decreases the ability to express explosive strength of the lower extremities (p=0,00) among female volleyball players. There are no observed statistically significant differences in terms of explosive strength of the lower extremities depending on the duration of static stretching. The survey results indicate that static stretching leads to poorer explosive possibilities and strong muscle contraction of lower extremities in   female volleyball players.


explosive strength, female volleyball players, static stretching.

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