Marko Radenkovic, Sasa Bubanj, Dragana Beric, Ratko Stankovic, Marko Stojanović, Milan Stojic

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The aim of this study was to determine the influence of the specific training program on the kinematic parameters of made jump shots in basketball. Participants were 31 basketball players, aged 15.32±0.65. All participants trained according to a specific training program for 10 weeks. Data obtained at the initial and final measurements were processed by nonparametric statistics. Data processing was carried out in the direction of determining the difference in kinematic parameters within the group between the initial and final measurements. After that, the level of impact of a specific training program on the mentioned parameters was determined. The obtained results indicated that there are differences between initial and final measurements in eight out of 10 (80%) kinematic parameters and the influence of the specific training program existed in the same eight (80%) kinematic parameters.


kinematics, basketball, jump shot, smart ball, specific training program

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