Srećko Bačevac, Jovan Veselinović, Dragan Životić

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The basic purpose of this research is based on the analysis of scientific-theoretical-practical knowledge in the field of brand management, with special emphasis on the brand as a significant factor of organizational competitive advantage and establishing a leading position in the sports market. By examining a wide variety of theoretical knowledge, we come across definitions that are based on the views of world’s leading marketing experts who point out that the basic function of marketing is brand building. Building, consolidating and expanding the brand require dimensions of clarity, consistency and leadership, adapted to the environment, with particular emphasis on competitive advantage, technology and on establishing a leading position in the market. Referring to the adequate literature, this paper covers the complete branding strategy, starting from the general ones that define the branding strategy as the most powerful communication tool; from strategies that are based on definitions that the key to success is the achievement of competitive advantage and the establishment of a leading position in the market; towards specific strategies who explore the basic elements of the branding strategy and their impact on the company’s business and productivity, as well as the impact on the consumers’ awareness.


Brand, Trademark, Competitive Advantage

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