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The aim of this research was to determine the effects of an eight-week specific training program on the kinematic parameters of the jump shot at 9m from the goal, among elite female handball players. The sample of participants consisted of 30 female handball players (height: 1.73±0.08 m; mass: 69±8.9 kg; body mass index-BMI 22.9±2 kg/m2; training experience: 12.3±6.2 yrs), competing in the first national handball league of the Republic of Serbia. The research was longitudinal in nature, with an initial and final measuring. The experimental treatment included a 30 min replication of the regular training session, with specifically designed exercises (work with medicine balls, stabilizer training, and strength training in a gym). 12 kinematic variables of the jump shop were analyzed using the Kinovea software program, ver. 0.8.2. The analysis of covariance and the effect size (ES) determined a positive effect of the specific program on the kinematic parameters of the jump shot, especially on the variables of height and maximal ball flight velocity.


Specific Training Program, Kinematic Analysis, Jump Shot, Handball

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