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Flexibility is a basic motor ability that significantly improves overall motor efficiency and reduces the possibility of muscle and joint injuries. The aim of this study was to determine the effects of Pilates exercise with a Swiss ball on flexibility development among female students. The sample of 45 participants, aged 19 to 22 years, was divided into experimental and control groups. The experimental group took part in a 12-week Pilates exercise with a Swiss ball, with a frequency of three training sessions with one hour of exercise per week. The control group was not involved in the training process. For flexibility assessment, four tests were applied (Sit and Reach, Straddle in Supine Position, Leg Lift from Supine Position and Backward Leg Lift from a Prone Position).  The results of the multivariate analysis of covariance showed that there is a significant difference between the experimental and control groups. Univariate results showed significant differences in all flexibility variables. The authors conclude that the Pilates program with a ball has significantly improved the flexibility of the female students.


Pilates, Swiss Ball, Exercise Program, College, Females

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