Akeem Tunde Nafiu, Juwon Johnson Orugun, Dare Joseph Enimola

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This study aimed at the effect of ICT on the efficiency of e-learning in higher institutions of Kogi State. The study adopted descriptive research design. 226 respondents were surveyed. Reliability results showed the Cronbach alpha of ICT adoption for e-learning (α = 0.984) and efficiency of e-learning (α = 0.755). Data were gathered and analysed using descriptive, Multiple Regression and Binary Logit Regression. Finding showed that ICT adoption has strong influence on efficiency of e-learning in the higher institutions of Kogi State. The study recommended that policy makers should strategically design a framework that can enhance effective ICT adoption to influence improved efficiency of e-learning in the higher institutions of Kogi State.


Information and Communication Technology, Efficiency of E-learning, ICT Avoidance, Self-efficacy toward ICT, Severity of Malicious IT

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22190/FUTLTE221012009N


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