Branislav Ranđelović, Elizabeta Karalić, Danijela Djukić

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The principal, as a leader in the school, significantly affects the realization of teaching and learning and also student achievements. Having in mind the responsibility and importance of the principal in primary school, in this paper we discuss influence of Covid-19 pandemic onto the process of managing and organizing the teaching and learning process. Since school principals are the important link between decision makers and those who implement educational policy, we analyzed recommendations to school, sent by Serbian educational authorities in 2019/20 and 2020/21 school year. We developed a questionnaire for the purpose of this study and we conducted a research with participation of 264 primary school principals. This research contains two analyzes: qualitative data analysis (content analysis) and quantitative statistical analysis (descriptive statistical analysis). The COVID-measures, introduced by educational authorities were explored using the method of content analysis. The research instrument was a questionnaire for primary school principals, and it was used for descriptive statistics. The results show that the education authorities reacted quickly and appropriate and that they organized distance learning as a combination of TV teaching, online educational platforms and independent work of students. In accordance with the level of internet coverage and number of digital devices, this combined approach has made teaching available to the largest number of students. The principals’ experiences show that it is necessary to improve the digital competencies and resources of teachers, in order that students reach their full potential, during distance learning.


school principals, pandemics, school leadership, distance learning

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