Anka Mihajlov Prokopovic

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This paper investigates the position that art criticism over the radio has in Serbia nowadays. The starting point was the hypothesis that the increase of the number of specialized radio stations in Serbia does not bring more opportunity for art critique. In order to test this hypothesis, we analyzed the program guides of four specialized radio stations and concluded that the cultural program does not exist with these commercial stations, thus, there is no journalistic art criticism. An analysis of the results of secondary research on cultural topics on Public Broadcasting Services in Serbia (by Veljanovski and Valić Nedeljković 2016) resulted in the data on the spread of critique in the programs of Radio Belgrade and Radio Novi Sad. The conclusion is that there is a critique-related program present on Radio Belgrade and that it exists in the specialized cultural show on Radio Belgrade 2. It is called “Top five cultural events of the week” (“U prvih pet – kulturni događaj nedelje“) and it is very well organized both significantly and conceptually. On the other hand, Radio Novi Sad, a regional public broadcaster, although still retaining a journalistic critique of art in its program, is experiencing a great reduction of it which is reflected in the fact that fifteen years ago this radio station had ten critics, while today they hardly have anyone.


critique of works of art, cultural program, radio, media, Serbia media system

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