Ivana Mladenović-Ranisavljević, Ljiljana Takić, Goran Babić, Milovan Vuković, Marija Stojanović Krasić

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The paper analyzes the values of selected parameters of SM, OS, pH, NH4-N, POP4-P, and BOD-5 at measuring points of Martonoš, Novi Bečej, Titel, Hetin, Bačko Gradište and Bački Breg in order to identify locations with potential sources of pollution in the Tisa River basin in Serbia. The interdependence between the locations and the observed most influential parameters of water pollution indicators was analyzed using one-way analysis of variance (ANOVA), followed by a posthoc Tukey-Kramer test to learn more about statistically significant different values of parameters at the observed locations. The results of the applied statistical analysis and post-hoc test show a significant difference in values of parameters NH4-N, BOD-5 and PO4-P at the location of Bačko Gradište, identifying it as a location with potential sources of pollution, where additional measures must be taken to protect and prevent pollution of watercourses in this part of the Tisa River Basin as an integral part of the environment.


Tisa River basin, sources of pollution, ANOVA

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