Maja Nikolić, Aleksandra Stanković, Mirjana Arandjelovic

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The aim of this paper was to analyze the associations between long-term exposure to air pollution and asthma in schoolchildren. Exposed group of children (N=215), aged 11–14 years, were attending the school located in a city of Niš (Serbia) with a higher level of air pollution, while the children (N=139) of non-exposed group, were attending the school in the area with a lower level of air pollution. The air concentrations of black smoke, nitrogen dioxide, sulfur dioxide and lead in sediment matter were determined in ten-year period. The standardized questionnaire was completed by the parents. There was a significant difference in the prevalence of asthma (χ2=0,720, p>0,05) and respiratory symptoms (χ2=6,635, p < 0,01) in children exposed to higher concentrations of air pollutants when compared with the control group. We concluded that long-term exposure to background ambient air pollution was associated with an increased prevalence of childhood asthma.


environmental exposure, air pollution, asthma, children

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